Welcome Stranger

A  rock tumbled down the cliff, knocking several times on other boulders before free-falling onto your head sharply. You opened your eyes and groggily looked around to see yourself on a long island covered with heaps of snow. The land in the distance divided by the rivers showed no hints of where you were, it was all just cold. And now that you thought about it, you were too. You  were trembling down to the bones with frigidness as snow whizzed past your muzzle. You  saw several possible shelters across the river, but had no way to reach them. Sighing, you turned and searched for any thing that could provide you a way out of this blizzard until it was over. A dying cherry blossom tree surrounded by different sized boulders caught your eye and you began to make your way over to it, only to be stopped by three mysterious cats.

"Where do you think you're going?" One snapped. You cringed at its' tone

"Gentle now" Another scolded to the other afetr seeing you wince.

"Who are you?" The last questioned.

"I-I'm... My name is-" You hesitated, What was your name? DId you even have one? No answers to these questions came to you, leaving you more confused than ever.

"What's wrong?" the she-cat that had just scolded the sharper cat padded over to you and gazedat you questioningly, "Don't you have a name?"

"I.... I don't know" You replied dumbfoundly

"We could help you with that, if you'd like" The cat that was last to talk now spoke, "But first, you must earn it. Will you join me in your journey?"

The more hostile cat almost cut off the other, "Of course it  doesn't! It obviously wants to join my tribe! We are the strongest of all!" it boasted

The same soft she-cat now  gazed at you with her lavendar eyes, "Or will you fight along-side me against  all of them? Choose wisely for  once you have, there is no turning back."